SeaDream Spa Services - 2023 edition

S EA D REAM body therapy

Hot Stone Massage 90 min $239 A soothing massage performed with hot basalt stones which are applied in rhythmic patterns over the body to relieve tension and deepen relaxation. S EA D REAM couples & focused massages Heated Massage 75 min $379 75 min $210 Relax together in our couple´s room, enjoying a combination of massage techniques including Hot Stones and Herbal Compresses. The warmth of stones aid in relieving the stress of everyday life, and the massage leaves you both feeling relaxed and refreshed. Journey Together 120 min $495 Begin the journey together in our steam and sauna, where aromatic herbs calm, uplift & de-stress your mind, as your muscles warm up. A jasmine scented body scrub is applied to remove dry skin, before you both enjoy your Harnn ® full body massages. This couple´s treat ment provides complete relaxation and leaves skin feeling silky and hydrated.

Aloe Vera Body Mask 30 min $85 For relief of sunburn and tired dry skin, this wrap of aloe vera will keep your skin hydrated and soothed. S EA D REAM massage therapy Traditional Thai Massage 60 min $149 75 min $189 90 min $239 The Traditional Thai Massage is performed to enhance joint movement and body flexibility with a combination of stretching therapies similar to yoga and dating back over 6,000 years. This treatment is available in our private open air massage area. Asian Blend 90 min $239 A combination massage utilizing the very best of Thai, Shiatsu and deep tissue massage techniques to stimulate the body’s meridians, resulting in energy, balance and restored health. 60 min $149 75 min $189 Swedish Body Massage 90 min $239 A full body massage that relaxes aching muscles, stimulates circulation and assists in the removal of toxins. Traditional Thai Massage with herbs 75 min $210 90 min $239 For the ultimate in traditional therapy, heated Thai herbal compresses from the Royal Project in Thailand are used after the Thai Massage to enhance the experience. 60 min $149 75 min $189

Scalp, Neck and Décolleté Massage

30 min $85

Reflexology 45 min $129 Enjoy a crystal release foot bath followed by a traditional Thai foot reflexology treatment. Available in our private open air Spa area. Perfect legs 45 min $129 When suffering from heavy or tired legs, this treatment is designed to soothe and effectively improve circulation. This is a skillful massage with essential oils and a concentrated, deep acting leg mask. Available in the spa or in our private open air Spa area.

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