SeaDream Spa Services - 2023 edition


Thai Aromatic Massage 90 min $239 This treatment blends traditions from Thai and other Asian massage techniques to create a very unique and relaxing experience. Employing special palm pressure and stretching techniques to ease aching muscles and stressed bodies. Herbal balm and Massage oil selection is available for this treatment. Aromatherapy Massage 60 min $159 75 min $199 90 min $239 60 min $159 75 min $199 This massage treatment involves the application of HARNN’S renowned aromatic oil on the chakra points followed by soothing light massage movements to release stagnant energy flow in the body. By combining the effects of the aromatic oil and relaxing body massage, one can feel the tension and fatigue melt away as the mind and body are brought back to the point of equilibrium. Bath & Massage Oil selection is available for this treatment. Back Massage 45 min $120 Developed specially to soothe a sore and stiff back, this deep tissue massage utilizes your choice of HARNN massage balm to relax back muscle tensions, reduce stiffness and im- prove the circulation. Perfect for relieving chronic back problems. Herb Balm & Bath/Mas- sage Oil selection is available for this treatment. Body Scrub 45 min $120 Ideal for dry and delicate skin, this jasmine scented body scrub contains mild natural exfoliating particles from corn cob and ground red rice powder. Marshmallow oil and pennywort (Centella Asiatica) extracts soothe and nourish delicate skin.

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