SeaDream Voyage Brochure 2023-2025

YACHTING LIFE “Yachting” is not only defined by size but describes the lifestyle aboard the intimate vessels. SeaDream’s 56-stateroom yachts are favored for their elegant informality, personalized award- winning service provided by a crew of 95, inclusive open bar and gratuities, ocean view accommodations, rejuvenating Thai-Certified spa, and world-class cuisine. A SeaDream voyage feels like a personal getaway with that special someone, an exciting family gathering, and for those traveling solo, a perfect combination of relaxing and pampering. Indulge and unwind or stay active and adventurous while traveling to some of the most intimate ports and destinations with our Mediterranean and Caribbean voyages. AWARD-WINNING SERVICE Highly personalized, SeaDream’s 5-star service is second to none. From the moment you are welcomed aboard by the Captain, it feels as if you’ve stepped onto your own private luxury yacht. With a maximum of 112 guests and an award-winning crew of 95, the crew to guest ratio provides each guest with SeaDream’s incomparable style and expert attention to detail. The service aboard either of the mega-yachts is comfortably transparent, in a way that bartenders know your name and drink of choice, or know how to surprise you with your favorite dessert. Our crew is passionate about delivering highly personalized and anticipatory service. Once you experience SeaDream’s inimitable service, you will be splendidly spoiled and may never want to go on a cruise ship ever again.



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